Wipak and Winpak are deepening their strategic alliance as a global healthcare supplier

Wipak is closely related to its Canadian sister company Winpak, one of the leading manufacturers of packaging materials in North America. Wipak’s strategic alliance with Winpak gives the company access to the expertise of packaging experts around the world and offers a wide range of products and packaging solutions. In the future, this cooperation must be deepened.

The goal of the new Wiicare brand is to help Wipak and Winpak become the world’s most sought-after healthcare packaging provider. This is especially important because healthcare clients want to work with business partners who know them well, who have a global presence with local service, and who have the expertise and experience to meet their long-term delivery needs.

Wiicare’s global strategic alliance for healthcare packaging will cover sales and marketing, research and development, product management and regulatory affairs. Operational work will continue under the existing companies Wipak and Winpak. The major locations of the sanitary products manufacturer Wipak Oy in Finland, Wipak BP in the Netherlands, and Wipak Changshu in China. Winpak’s healthcare packaging locations are Winpak Division and Winpak Heat Seal Packaging in Canada and Winpak Control Group and Winpak Films in the United States.

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