December 6, 2023

Ubuntu 23.10 brings more security and support for the Raspberry Pi 5

Linux specialist Canonical has released Ubuntu in the new version 23.10 (codename “Mantic Minotaur”). The new version is characterized on the one hand by new security functions, but on the other hand also by new component versions and broader hardware support.

Ubuntu Desktop 23.10 previews support for hardware-assisted disk encryption, with the key stored in the Trusted Platform Module and retrieved by an authorized boot program. More comprehensive hardware support will be available here next year. To ensure greater visibility of installed software, Ubuntu Desktop features a new Application Center that supports snap and deb package formats.

The creators also underscore their commitment to the Raspberry Pi Foundation by supporting the new Raspberry 5 Ubuntu server and desktop from the beginning. Additional innovations relate to the use of the well-known Netplan network configuration tool from Ubuntu Server in Ubuntu Desktop and the integration of Docker 24.0.5. Canonical has details about individual components in a file Release notes Assembly and production. (research and development)

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