December 5, 2023

Twin Cities Visit Ravensburg – Twin Cities Anniversaries with Rivoli (Italy) and Rhonda Cynon Taff (Wales, Great Britain)

RAVENSBURG – Last weekend a city twin meeting was held in Ravensburg with representatives from the city governments of Montélimar (France), Rivoli (Italy), Rhondda Cynon Taf (Wales, GB) and Mollet del Valles (Spain). The event marks the 40th anniversary of the Ravensburg – Rivoli Town twinning and the 30th anniversary of the Ravensburg – Rhondda Cynon Taff links.

In a ceremony held in the main meeting room, Ravensburg Mayor Dr. Daniel Rapp presented the certificate together with his colleagues Totorresa Laura Attus (Vice Mayor Rivoli), Wendy Lewis (Mayor Ronda Cynon Taff), Miria Dionisio Calle (Mayor Mollet del Valles) and Marie-Christine Magnon (Vice Mayor Monte). Pursuing agreements that benefit the people of their cities. Its aim is to help people get to know each other through twin meetings of cities in youth, schools, clubs, churches and other institutions, to understand other cultures and promote the further development of a peaceful Europe.

As part of the meeting, a previously unnamed square in the city archive was named “Mollet del Valles Square”. Ravensburg has been twinned with Mollet del Valles since 2017.

The green space in the southern part of the city – formerly known as the ‘Great Meadow’ – finally got an official name: in honor of the partnership with Rhondda Cynon Taff in Wales, it is now called “Welsh Park”.

In addition to the town twinnings already mentioned, Ravensburg is twinned with Varastin/Croatia, Coswick/Saxony and – via the Midleres Schusental Community Association and currently to a limited extent – ​​with Brest/Belarus.

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The town of Ravensburg would like to thank the Ravensburg town twin association “Die Brückenbauer” for its commitment in this area.

Interested citizens can gain insight on the City of Ravensburg’s YouTube channel (