February 29, 2024

“Tuchel and Bayern are the biggest misunderstanding since Klinsmann.”

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel has spoken positively about a coaching position abroad.

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Thomas Tuchel talks to fans about future plans abroad – and this immediately draws criticism. For Dietmar Hamann, Tuchel is Bayern's “biggest misunderstanding” since Jurgen Klinsmann.

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  • Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel spoke about potential coaching positions in other leagues during a visit to a fan club. “Abroad will definitely interest me again, in general.”
  • This statement was met with incomprehension by Blue Sports expert Didi Hamann: “If you are an employee of FC Bayern Munich, and you are in charge of management – ​​this has rarely been a good idea.”

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel has received a lot of criticism for his comments during a visit to the team's fan club about a possible connection abroad in the future.

“Then he sat and talked about Xavi, about his successor, and about his desire to train in Barcelona or Spain. Didi Hamann, former national player and Blue Sports expert, said on the talk show “Sky90” on Sunday: “This is impudence. “He's a very intelligent man, something like that doesn't get away from him easily. “He just has to know one thing: if you're an employee at Bayern Munich, taking over management – this has rarely been a good idea.

During a visit to the Heidenheim fan club, Tuchel spoke generally about a potential coaching position in other European countries and appeared open to it. “Abroad will definitely appeal to me again in general,” the former Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea coach said. He believes that the league in Spain is “exceptional” because it is “characterized by crazy self-confidence.” He added: “When you talk to Spanish players, you get the feeling that you are talking to people very quickly and there are no empty phrases and no invisible wall.”

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A little understanding of Bruchhagen – Hamann goes one step further

Former Bundesliga manager Heribert Brochhagen also showed little understanding of Tuchel's comments, which came just one day after coach Xavi Hernandez announced his desire to leave Spanish club Barcelona at the end of the season. “He also needs to know what the consequences are. I expected him to answer: 'At the moment I deal exclusively with FC Bayern Munich,'” said Bruchhagen. The 75-year-old is certain: “Bayern will not be amused by that.”

Hamann even went so far as to believe the Munich coach will leave soon. “Tuchel and Bayern Munich are the biggest misunderstanding since Jurgen Klinsmann. He added: “This makes no sense, and he knows that now.”

Bayern Munich narrowed the gap with league leader Bayer Leverkusen to two points in the nineteenth round of the German League. In two weeks, the top two teams will meet in a direct duel.