June 17, 2024

Trump calls Putin's actions 'witty' and 'smart'

Trump calls Putin’s actions ‘witty’ and ‘smart’

Trump calls Putin’s actions in Ukraine ‘fantastic’

On Monday, Putin recognized the independence of the separatist regions of eastern Ukraine and ordered the deployment of Russian soldiers. Former US President Donald Trump has now praised the Russian president’s actions.


In a radio broadcast, former US President Donald Trump commented on the Ukraine crisis and praised Russian President Putin. A reaction from the White House immediately followed.

Former President of the United States Donald Trump He described Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in the Ukraine crisis as “brilliant” and “smart”.

trump He said On Tuesday on a conservative radio talk show aimed at Putin’s recent decisions: “That’s cool.” The head of the Kremlin declares the independence of a large part of Ukraine and sends “peacekeepers” there. “How smart is that?” Referring to Putin, Trump continued, “This is a very smart man. I know him very well.”

At the same time, the Republican claimed that this would never have happened to him as president: “This would never have happened to us.” Trump said it would have been unimaginable while he was in office. He accused his successor, Joe Biden, of failing to deal with Russia.

Former US President Donald Trump described Putin’s handling of the Ukraine crisis as “fantastic”.


The White House responded to the comment

Asked about Trump’s comment, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “As a matter of principle, we try not to take advice from anyone praising President Putin and his military strategy.”

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Putin on Monday recognized the independence of the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. The head of the Kremlin ordered to send Russian soldiers. He is planning to invade Ukraine for the second time since 2014. The West accuses him of violating international law.

Trump had previously criticized Biden’s course in the Ukraine crisis and claimed that had he been president, tensions with Russia would never have escalated that far: No one would have been tougher on Russia, and he and Putin would have respected each other. On the other hand, critics accused Trump of treating the Kremlin chief with baby gloves during his tenure. According to the US investigative authorities, the Russian government interfered “in a comprehensive and systematic way” in the 2016 US presidential election, from which Trump emerged victorious at that time.

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