October 3, 2023

Triathlon: Hamburg experiences the World Cup in the supersports race

Hamburg is the testing lab for triathlon. Ten years ago, the ITU World Federation tested the mixed relay team between Ulster and Rathaus. The action scene is now part of the program of the Olympic Games.

Friday and Saturday are the next thing: the Super Eliminator Race!

ITU President Marisol Casado (66 / Spain) hopes: “Maybe it will work out that it will be in the Brisbane Olympic program in 2032.” “But before that we have to make sure it’s a good format. So it’s important for us to try it out at a high level.” 2021 in Montreal/Canada was the first transmission. The baptism of fire for the TV-oriented format will now follow on the Grand Stage in Hamburg.

Even athletes don’t really know what to expect…

“It’s completely new territory for me,” admits Lasse Lührs (27 / TV Buschhütten) from Cuxhaven. “I’m so excited. It’s a bit of an unknown.”

Principle: 30 elite athletes each compete in an elimination competition on Saturday (4:20 p.m., live ARD). Three courses (300m swim, 7.5km bike, 1.6km run) were completed. After the first two laps, the last ten slowest runners-up battling the world champion were eliminated at the end.

Seems complicated enough on its own. But that’s not all: because in order to be in the final three rounds on Saturday, a two-stage qualification will take place on Friday (from 8 am) for the original 60 participants …

The video leaves fans speechless Are these two real stars tired of life?

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Germany’s top triathlete Laura Lindemann (27/Potsdam) finished sixth at the Super Sprint premiere in Montreal in 2021. “It’s a lot of fun,” he recalls. The Olympic nominee also learned that tactics are crucial as well as full throttle: “Not having to give everything in a race and leaving something for the next start—that’s a different thing.”

Lührs believes: “It certainly doesn’t make sense to sprint to the finish in the first laps, but you have to take it easy and relax sixth on the third throttle.”

Before the eyes of the President of the International Olympic Committee d. Thomas Bach (69) put a total of 14 test Duracell rabbits into the Alster temperature of 21 degrees. President Professor Martin Englehart (63) stated of the goal: “We want to be among the top ten for women and men.”

► Ilona Hadum (19 / France / 56: 47 min) and Joao Nuno Batista (17 / Portugal / 51: 11 min).

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