Trendy Gütersloh, Level Up, now secures up to €50 Playstation Store credit when purchasing an Inzone headset, Gütsel Online, OWL live

Trendy Gütersloh, Level Up, now secures up to €50 Playstation Store credit when purchasing an Inzone headset

  • From October 14 to November 14, 2022, players will benefit twice from the purchase of an Inzone headset for PC or Playstation: during the promotional period, Sony will give a Playstation Store credit of 50 euros (Inzone H9) or 25 euros (Inzone H7).

Berlin, 14 October 2022

In cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony is offering a month-long promotion for the Inzone H9 and H7 headphones. The goal is for players, whether on Playstation or PC, to get the best #My voice #mafia To introduce them and let them experience their favorite game more intensely. At the same time, thanks to the respective coupon, all buyers can choose their next adventure from the huge selection of games in the PS Store as a small thank you. Offer valid on all purchases made between October 14 and November 14, 2022 at participating retail partners [1] It is made and recorded on the corresponding campaign page.

The new Inzone range offers two wireless headphones, the Inzone H9 with 32 hours of battery life and the Inzone H7 with 40 hours of battery life. Both models have a soft shaft that can be rotated upwards #microphone with #Mute A feature that facilitates communication with team members in the game.

Drawing on Sony’s expertise in headphone technologies, both the Inzone H9 and Inzone H7 diaphragms have a unique shape that allows the headphones to accurately reproduce high frequencies as well as strong and low frequencies. 360 degrees #my place #It seems Ensures accurate location of opponents and thus also to get highly accurate target and directing it in #Game. Comfortable to wear when playing for several hours #flexible Apply the leather insert (H9) or soft durable nylon (H7) to the temple and ear cup. With Ambient Sound Mode, switching between a quiet sound experience and interacting with the outside world seamlessly.

new #Firmware #Modernization Available

From October 13, 2022, Sony will also offer a free firmware update for the Inzone H9 and H7 models, which will significantly improve the microphone quality. As a result, players are better heard and understood in the heat of battle.

More details about promotion over here

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Sony Corporation is responsible for the Entertainment, Technology and Services (ET&S) business within the Sony Group. With the vision of “continue to bring Kando and Anshin* to people and society around the world through the pursuit of new technology and challenges,” Sony develops products and services in areas such as home entertainment, audio, imaging and mobile communications.

*Both Japanese words, kando means emotion, and the word anshin has different meanings such as peace of mind, reassurance, reliability, and confidence.

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