April 25, 2024

Who follows Fallout 3 GOTY?

Who follows Fallout 3 GOTY?

From Sarah Petzold
Fallout 3 is currently available on the Epic Games Store as a Game of the Year edition, but what happens next? We may have to dispense with blockbuster AAA movies, but the store still has a couple of interesting titles in the pipeline.

As usual, there are many free games available again this week on the Epic Games Store, and a true classic is currently available, It’s Fallout 3 in the GOTY edition. This show, which is still available until October 27, 2022 at 5pm, is followed by two lesser-known titles that are definitely worth a look.

Survival horror and sci-fi tactics as new free titles

The game begins with the alien horror survival game Saturnalia, which will be officially released on October 27, 2022. Our mission in this game is to explore a remote village “where ancient rituals take place”. This sounds like a scary classic setting, but Saturnalia not only comes with special graphics, but also with a special twist. Because whenever all of our playable characters die, the game world changes and the paths in it are reassembled.

The official press release for Saturnalia says:

Saturnalia is a sparkling adventure inspired by Sardinian folklore and ancient Italian horror films Gialio. The story revolves around a centuries-old mysterious ritual that takes place every year at the time of the winter solstice in the Italian village of Gravoi. Each of the four playable characters must use their unique abilities and tackle their own discoveries to unravel mysteries. that haunt the city and escape its corruption.”

In addition to Saturnalia, we also get the turn-based tactical strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus for free. We control the forces of Adeptus Mechanicus and lead a team of unique characters through battles against Xenos. The game is reminiscent of X-Com, where we can upgrade our troops and influence the story of the campaign with our own decisions. Saturnalia and Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus will be available for free on the Epic Games Store from October 27, 2022 to November 3, 2022.

Source: Epic Games