February 23, 2024

Training for Rwandan deportation flights begins in Great Britain

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Prime Minister Sunak is relying on a controversial solution to stop people planning to enter Britain dangerously.

LONDON – After the British House of Commons approved a controversial bill to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda this week, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and James Wise are pressing the British Home Office to speed up the plans. Ministry of Intelligence has rented a hangar for training purposes.

First report from the British times According to this, the hangar and the fuselage, which were rented for training in various situations, were used to train the security forces for possible deportation flights to Rwanda and, among other things, to train the staff on how to deal with defensive behavior. People on board. The newspaper reported that it got to know this from government sources.

Rishi Sunak receives criticism from his own teammates for his plan to deport people to Rwanda. (Credit photo) © Maria Unger/AFP

“Preventive action”: Great Britain begins training program for deportation planes

A spokesman for the British Home Office said, according to a report by the British Guardian This means that since 2015 British officers have been trained to deal with illegal immigrants in the UK. Sunak will “continue to ensure” that there are “adequate training opportunities” for staff accompanying deportation operations due to the deportation flights it plans to launch in the spring.

With a controversial bill passed to the British House of Lords after a majority vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday, the Sunak government wants to discourage people who cross the English Channel from France on small boats from entering Great Britain illegally. and apply for asylum there. Shipwrecks occur repeatedly with many deaths.

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Criticism of extradition flights to Rwanda: Legislation continues for debate in Upper House

The move, which Sunak says is an “urgent national priority”, has been criticized by international human rights experts and members of the British opposition and a minority in Sunak's Tory party. On Friday, the British Prime Minister spoke loudly Guardian The deterrent effect of deportation flights to Rwanda was a key factor in “solving the problem” and making it clear that illegal immigrants could not stay in Great Britain. In fact, according to the study Guardian More than 4,100 people were deported between March 2022 and March 2023.

“It is the job of the House of Lords to enact legislation as quickly as possible. Before that, the draft legislation now faces a two-month “debate period” in the House of Lords,” Sunak told a press conference on Thursday. (Courtesy with AFP)