NEOS want “Europe United Nations”

NEOS took Europe Day on Monday as an opportunity to support the idea of ​​a constitutional conference for the further development of the EU, which aired in the EU Parliament.

At a press conference, party leader Pete Meinle-Risinger and EU compulsor Claudia Cayman called for the abolition of consensus policy on essential issues, which require more capacity to operate in the union. Target: “Europe United Nations”.

The two also recalled the upcoming EU Future Conference. According to Meinl-Reisinger, not only do citizens recognize the need for further development, but it also shows that they are far more advanced than national governments on these issues: “They must provide a Europe.”

Despite surprisingly coherent and decisive action in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over the past few weeks, the EU currently lacks strategic capability.

Camon also spoke in support of an end to the siege because “it really does hold us back as an EU.” He also recalled external threats and called for commitment on foreign policy, security and security and independence on energy issues.

Austria should not slow down

Cayman said changes to the agreement were already being prepared by the European Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Issues so that the Council of Europe could deal with them from June 24.

It is important now that member states – especially Austria – do not put the brakes on. “Europe has really been suspended for a long time,” he said. “We believe it is time for NIOS to take these steps more clearly towards Europe.”

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