September 29, 2023

Too many cheaters: The popular shooter will soon be shut down completely

The popular shooter game will be discontinued in the fall. The reason for this is a huge cheater problem that the developers can’t control.

The online shooter “The Cycle: Frontier” from the German studio Yager was discontinued after only a year. Developer Studio shares this on his website with. There, the Berlin studio announced that despite all efforts and improvements, it was not possible to make the game financially viable.

The launch in 2022 was initially successful, and Yager even had to increase server capacity. But then the number of players collapsed. The reason is so many cheaters. Now the online shooter will be completely shut down on September 27, 2023 and the servers will be shut down. Until then, Yager takes some measures to speed up your game progress.

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The Cycle: Frontier has been discontinued – Low player count due to cheaters

Yager will soon be discontinuing his game “The Cycle: Frontier”.

Photo: Yager

The game did not live up to the expectations of the studio and ran into many cheaters soon after its release. Although Yager tried to control the problem with targeted actions, many players dropped out.

The game can be used until September 27th. However, players can no longer make in-game purchases. Fresh installation via the Epic Games Store is also no longer possible. Fresh installation is only possible via Steam until September 27th.

All players who made a purchase in The Cycle: Frontier within the last 14 days (since June 14, 2023 9am GMT) will be offered a refund.

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