December 10, 2023

Tom Brady jokes with Joe Biden about Donald Trump

Tom Brady jokes with Joe Biden about Donald Trump

President Joe Biden (second from left) welcomes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around coach Bruce Aryan (center) and quarterback Tom Brady (second from right).BUILD: imago pictures / ubi pictures

Traditionally, the current president of the United States receives the champions of the major American championships. Visiting the Super Bowl winners, Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Tom Brady made a clear statement toward Donald Trump and his supporters.

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On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden welcomed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who won the Super Bowl in February. Tom Brady, quarterback and seven-time NFL champion, caused laughter as he spoke. Speaking about the difficult season, he said that not many people think he can win with his new team. “Frankly, I think 40 percent of people still have doubts about our success,” he continued.

He was alluding to the allegations of Donald Trump and his supporters, who are still skeptical of the results after Joe Biden’s election success. “I know what it’s like,” Biden laughed in response to Brady’s comments.

Brady also referred to Trump’s derogatory remarks about his rival, who often called the 78-year-old Democrat “Sleepy Joe.” The NFL star addressed a match in Chicago where he was Forgot what was just played. Brady mistakenly thought his team still had a chance to put on a play. “After that incident, people started calling me ‘Sleepy Tom’.” Then Biden asked, “Why would you do something like this to me?” The chief who seemed amused could not answer that question.

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Tom Brady’s performance brought laughter from his team and attendees, but given his past, the taunts came as a surprise. Before the US elections in 2016, a hat bearing the Trump slogan “Make America Great Again” was found in Brady’s closet. When asked about it, the then New England Patriots quarterback said so It would be great if Donald Trump was elected. Since then, however, he has not commented more about politics. (here)

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#Takakni: This is how football players protested Trump

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