June 21, 2024

Jersey sales: Americans are crazy about ex-Schalke and ex-Büchmer

Jersey sales: Americans are crazy about ex-Schalke and ex-Büchmer

Only Gareth Bale’s jerseys were outdone by the league’s newcomer jersey who once played for S04 and VfL Bochum in MLS.

Christian Fox It’s always good to surprise. The longtime German Bundesliga player surprised in the summer of 2021 his desire to continue playing football despite his 35-year-old age. The Austrian went to the United States and joined it Charlotte FC on me. The club from North Carolina in the eastern US kicked off the 2022 season with a new Major League Soccer (MLS) team in February.

And the new club appears to have quickly established itself in the MLS. As does Christian Fox. The 36-year-old left-back made 99 appearances for Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga and 53 times for VFL Bochum. Now, in his first season in the MLS, he’s a straight star. At least that’s what jersey sales suggest. Christian Fox’s number 22 shirt was the second best-selling shirt of the last season.

Even Ex-Schalke Fuchs leaves Chicharito behind

MLS recently published a ranking of the shirts that sold the most. Fox is in second place, only the shirt of the person who moved from Real Madrid to Los Angeles FC in the summer. Gareth Bale It has been sold frequently. The former Schalke and Bochum player leaves some notable names behind. Like Xherdan Shaqiri, he was once active with Liverpool and Bayern Munich (8th place). Or Carlos Vela (3rd place) and even Chicharito, the famous striker at Bayer Leverkusen (4th place).

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News and basic information about Schalke 04

thats it Christian Fox Moving to the United States at one point was less of a surprise. Since the Fox family has lived in the US for a long time, he has announced several times that he wants to go to the US after his time in Leicester City. Fox most recently played for the Foxes in the Premier League for six years. Since then, he has made 152 appearances for Leicester (three goals, 13 assists) and was part of the team that won the league title in 2016 and later celebrated winning the FA Cup.

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