December 8, 2023

This is what the new Xbox controller “Sebille” can do.

This is what the new Xbox controller “Sebille” can do.

As most people have noticed, there was a massive leak from Microsoft recently. This leak revealed a lot of internal and confidential Microsoft documents. The documents talked about new products, Microsoft’s strategy, and even the planned acquisition of Nintendo.

In this article, we want to focus on the new leaked Xbox console, codenamed “Sebille”. What’s new with this console, when will it be released and how much will it eventually cost? We’ll get to the bottom of these questions in this article.

New Xbox controller

As mentioned earlier in the title, the new Xbox console will be called “Sebille”. So much for his name.

The upcoming Sebille controller will feature an internal accelerometer for the first time, giving Microsoft the ability to enable motion control using a gyroscope. This new console also features a two-tone design and allows direct connection via WiFi for cloud gaming.

Source: Federal Trade Commission v. Microsoft

Additionally, it will feature Bluetooth 5.2 and a revised version of Xbox’s wireless connectivity called “Xbox Wireless 2.” This means you’ll feel more precise feedback through vibrations generated by special drivers that can also act like mini speakers. The buttons and joysticks will also be quieter so games make less noise.

Microsoft also plans to make the new Xbox console contain more recycled materials and offer a rechargeable battery that you can replace yourself. It will also be easier to repair the console since you can easily replace certain parts, such as the joysticks. Another great improvement is that the accelerometer inside the controller activates it when you pick it up.

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No additional devices needed

The fact that Microsoft is relying on direct cloud connectivity for the new console is a particularly important feature highlighted in the document. This appears to make it optionally possible to use the console to control games via streaming without the need for additional hardware such as a controller. This could mean that Microsoft will allow console games to be played via the cloud without the need for a physical console.

The new Xbox console is scheduled to appear at the end of May 2024, and according to leaked information, it will cost $69.99.

Future plans for Microsoft games
Source: Federal Trade Commission v. Microsoft