September 30, 2023

These are the 12 most dangerous methods of education in the world

From Pakistan to Colombia

These are the 12 most dangerous methods of education in the world

They cross mountain passes or walk over rickety bridges: a rescue mission in Pakistan shows how many children take unusual routes to get to school.


Gulu, China: This path leads through the mountains to a 30 cm wide path. It’s a five-hour flight to the most remote school in the world.

Imago/Zuma Press

There were exciting hours – in the end, in Amazing rescue mission in Pakistan All six children and adults were freed from the cable car gondola. On their way to school in the northern village of Batagram, the children were stuck 365 meters above a valley. The eight passengers were held all day in a cabin that was open on both sides before they were rescued by soldiers and civil emergency services.

And these schoolchildren are no exception: every day, millions of children around the world must travel dangerous roads to get to school. According to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), there are still countless areas where there are no proper ways to get to school. Students often have to take paths subject to frequent flooding, descend into valleys, or walk narrow paths that lie on the edge of a cliff. Others walk for miles through mountain paths.

You can see a photo series of the 12 most dangerous ways to go to school around the world above.