October 1, 2023

These are Canada's inaugural plans

These are Canada’s inaugural plans



For more than a year, Canada has been subject to extensive entry restrictions. Now the country wants to gradually open its borders to vaccinators.

Health Canada said that from August 9, US citizens and people residing in the US will be allowed in, provided they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least two weeks in advance.

From September 7, nationals of other countries must also be allowed in, provided they are protected from disease by vaccinations. Visitors will then have to enter travel data on the online portal in advance – however, quarantine should not be necessary.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the reopening of the border last week in light of the progress made.

Air Canada is also at the beginning

In response to the border opening, Air Canada has announced its current summer cross-border flight schedule. It covers 55 routes and 34 destinations in the US, with up to 220 daily flights between the US and Canada. “We plan to resume flights to all 57 previously served US destinations as soon as conditions allow,” said Mark Gallardo, Air Canada’s senior vice president, network planning and revenue management. (T.I.)

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