December 6, 2023

David Cameron Rishi Sunak’s final sequence

Back: David Cameron, the new British Foreign Secretary
Image: EPA

When a head of government has to appoint one of his predecessors as a minister, the situation in the ruling party becomes desperate. Rishi Sunak drags towards the prospective exam.

DThe Conservative Party has been Prime Minister in London since 2010. Prolonged one-party government often leads to understaffing. The selection of great political talent is getting smaller every year because everyone has already been something, and more or less succeeded. However, now when a prime minister like Rishi Sunak has to rely on a predecessor who is the head of government to choose his ministers, the situation in the ruling party can best be described with the word “desperate”.

The appointment of a former prime minister to the post of foreign minister under one of his successors is not entirely without historical precedent. But when Edward Heath appointed Alec Douglas-Home in 1970, it first changed government from Labor to the Conservatives. Second, a few years ago, Home was nothing more than the executor of a government that had long lost its momentum. Home Left Downing Street is politically unaffected.

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