Verdict in Canada: Middle finger gesture ‘God-given right’

A strange verdict has caused a stir in Canada. A Quebec court dismissed the case of a man who felt harassed by a neighbor’s middle-finger gesture.

Canadian media reported that Judge Dennis Kaliatsatos recorded his decision in a 26-page document. Reason: Giving someone the middle finger is not a crime, but a “God-given right”.

On February 24, Kaliatsatos declared in his ruling: “To be clear, giving someone the middle finger is not a crime. It is a God-given charter right to which every full-blooded Canadian is entitled.”

Neil Epstein was the defendant in the case. He was arrested by the police in May 2021. The 45-year-old teacher was earlier reported by her neighbor for the middle finger argument.

With this verdict, the case has now come to an end. Judge Kaliatsatos shows humor in this announcement: “The gesture is not polite, not polite, not very gentlemanly. However, it does not trigger any criminal liability.”

According to Kaliatsados, he not only wants to dismiss the case, but to throw it out the window immediately. “Unfortunately, courtrooms in Montreal don’t have windows.”

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