October 3, 2023

Tattoo artist Remy drawn almost entirely from Canada: that's how he used to look

Tattoo artist Remy drawn almost entirely from Canada: that’s how he used to look

Remy from Canada is almost 100 percent tattooed. How did he look without his tattoos?

Canada – More than half of his body is tattooed: But what did Remy look like before?

This is what Remy looks like today – it couldn’t be compared before. © Screenshot / Instagram / ephemeral_remy

The Canadian now has over 150,000 followers on Instagram, as he continues to share photos of his unusual looks.

What started a few years ago with single tattoos and piercings is now a true work of body art.

Only a few places have been painted on his body, and the rest is a single tattoo spot. It lasted dozens of hours of work in his body.

Remy repeatedly posts before / after photos that are hard to recognize him in. This is also the case in a photo from 2008.

Al-Kindi said: “One day I woke up, looked in the mirror, almost tears in my eyes, and said to myself, ‘This is not what I am.’ In 2019, he has lost around 45 kilograms.

Remy also shared another photo from 2008. Even then, he had a weakness in the dark things, and his hair was up to an inch.

In another photo before / after 2003, the artist writes that he got his first piercing at the age of 6, his first piercing on his face at the age of 12. “So maybe I’ll have to find a baby picture to show myself without holes,” he jokes.

Remy now has a lot of fans celebrating him for his body art.

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