June 20, 2024

The “worst outbreak in decades” – a virus that paralyzes equestrian sport – not a coronavirus

The herpes outbreak in Valencia killed many international show jumping participants. The World Assembly is taking drastic measures.

When Pierre Cooley left Valencia on February 14th, the situation was still normal.

Photo: Martial Trezzini (Keystone)

The news caused a sensation in the equestrian sport scene. Because of the rapid spread of the herpes virus (Equine herpes virus, EHV for short) he have I amThe FEI canceled all international events in Europe until March 28, affecting ten countries, for example Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Whether the World Cup Final can be held in Gothenburg as planned in a week, It is not certain.

The disease broke out at a tournament in Valencia. Traditionally, in eastern Spain and other destinations in southern Europe, many riders use it for close to twois being Months to achieve early form in successive competitions. They often also want to get used to their new horses. I am February the first horses showed signs of viral disease, and on February 21 the competitions were halted in the middle of the fourth weekAfter the death of many infected animals.

Swiss first runner Pierre Cooley was in Valencia between 3 and 14 February with a total of six horses. “When I left, there were no signs of problems,” says the man from Geneva. It was only after he got home that he found out about it from his French colleague who also left it whose The horse is seriously ill. Coolie started taking his horses out of the temperature, but none of them showed any symptoms. Looking back, he talks about luck: “We knew nothing and could be happy because everyone is in good health, otherwise they would have infected everyone else in the barn.”

The virus is not an uncommon thing among horses. It’s wLand Marco Brainer explains this mostly by direct contact and rarely indirectly. The head of the Veterinary Committee of the Swiss Equestrian Federation (SVPS) praised the measures taken by the International Equestrian Federation, saying, “This has prevented further spread.”

To avoid having multiple at once HUnder the horses from D.M EHV region and spread across Europe, the series may continue to run in Vilamoura (POR), Vejer de la Frontera (ESP), San Giovanni and Gorla Minore (ITA) under stringent conditions for now, as long as there is no outbreak. On the site of the tournament. New horses are not permitted to arrive, and no horse is permitted to leave the tournament site without permission.

The International Federation of Equestrian (FEI) wrote about one of the “worst herpes outbreaks in decades”. There are a total of nine versions. Equine herpesvirus, also known as EHV-1, can lead to motor failure, for example paralysis of the hind thighs, as well as a high temperature. In the vast majority of cases, the horses return to their full performance, Bryner explains: “The path is often moderate. However, if it is complicated, it may take longer.”

Switzerland has some time

Few riders were already after the first fallAnd before the full spread of the disease is knownThe return journey has begun. Horses that have returned to Switzerland from abroad are recommended to be isolated, while those that have returned from Valencia have already begun to be isolated. “You can’t start until the test is negative,” says Bryner. It comes to Switzerland againstNot to schedule any national exams during the next few weeks.

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HIt’s also about ensuring that there are no new infections within the local landscape. Brianner is confident: “If the health condition is checked regularly and the horses are isolated, it will work.”

For the vet, it is also important to remain calm despite the understandable question marks: “One should not fall into the hysteria of vaccination.” Especially with horses that travel a lotRen, a lot of communication with others hFamilyar or where There is a constant go-and-go in the stableH, The vaccination will definitely make senseGive.