The Swiss fight against Kazakhstan for their third win

The role of the nominees made things difficult for the Swiss in Helsinki for the first time. Patrick Fischer’s side lacked candor against the Kazakhs at first. During the first half, the Swiss coaching staff apparently found the right words when the score was 0-0. In the second division, the Swiss pushed the pace. While the Swiss had only eight shots on target in the first 20 minutes, 22 were in the second half, two of those shots finding their way into the goal.

Once again, the second Swiss offensive line showed the way to victory. Denis Malgin gave Switzerland the lead with his third goal in the World Cup finals (25). Dario Simeon made it 2-0 with his first goal in Finland after ten minutes. With three goals and three assists (and a plus 4) five days into the World Cup, Malgin is second in the scorers’ list behind Roman Cervenka (7 points).

The fact that Malgin broke up with Simeon and Pius Suter in Finland is mainly due to the fact that Sven Andreigueto (hip) and Denis Hollenstein (knee) had to miss the World Cup due to injuries. Pius Sutter took the part from Andrighetto during preparation; Simeon these are from Holenstein. “The streak is very well aligned,” notes Patrick Fischer, national team coach.

Even before the first goal, the formation of Malgin created the best opportunities. If Malgin had hit the goal instead of the post in the second minute, the Swiss might have won the expected clear victory.

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shivering game

But the match was a shock to Switzerland, even after leading 2-0 after 40 minutes. Jesse Blacker reduced the Kazakhstan team’s lead to 1: 2 in the 46th minute (!). After that, Kazakhstan gave themselves the opportunity to play power. Even the 3:1 of Fabrice Herzog did not provide the necessary calm. With 128 seconds left, Valeri Orechow reduced it again to 2:3. Goalkeeper Sandro Eichlemann (only 12 saves) did not provide the best number on his World Cup debut as she conceded both goals. Although Aeschlimann claimed his fourth win in his fifth international match for Switzerland, it is not necessary to expect more to appear in this World Cup.

Despite unexpected problems and difficulties: For the third time in the past nine years, Switzerland has won the first three matches of the World Ice Hockey Championship. In Slovakia in 2019, Switzerland won the first four matches against Italy, Latvia, Austria and Norway. In Sweden in 2013, the Swiss team started the tournament with victories over Sweden (3: 2), Canada (3: 2 after penalties) and the Czech Republic (5: 2) and even won its first nine matches before losing to Sweden in the final.

The Swiss team will meet Slovakia in Helsinki on Wednesday evening. The Slovaks started the tournament by defeating France, but then lost to Germany and Canada.

Switzerland 3-2 Kazakhstan (0-0, 2-0, 1-2)

Helsinki. 2858 spectators. – SR Hansen / Stano (NOR / SVK), Beresford / Zunde (GBR / LAT). – Goals: 24. Malgin (Curaccio, Signthaler) 1: 0.35 Simon 2-0. 46. ​​Blackening (dismissal from Shalabov!) 2: 1. 56. Herzog (ampoule) 3: 1. 58. Orekhov (Michailis, Falk) 3: 2. – Penalties: 2 times 2 minutes each.

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Switzerland: Aeschlimann; Kokan, Signhaler; Fura, Janis Moser; Glauser, Geiser. Egli, Marty; Kurashev, Hescher, Meyer; Simeon, Malgin, Sutter; Ambul, Corvi, Herzog; Ryatt, Berchie, Miranda.

Kazakhstan: Shutov. Dannegar, Svedberg; Blacker, Orekhov. Beketaev, Metalnikov; Shalbov. Shevchenko, Shestyakov, Akolzin; Banyukov, Falk, Michaelis; Savitsky, Sagadaev, Starchenko; Petukhov, Gorkov, Asitov; Rachmanov.

Notes: Switzerland without Scherwey, Thürkauf, Genoni (all surplus) and Berra (substitute goalkeeper). – Second after Malgin’s shot. 60. Time out Kazakhstan from 59:11 to 59:44 and from 59:49 to 59:54 without a guard. Shots: Switzerland 43 (8-22-13); Kazakhstan 14 (3-5-6). – Powerplay Yield: Switzerland 0/2; Kazakhstan 0/2.


1. Canada 3/9 (16:5). 2. Switzerland 3/9 (14:4). 3. Denmark 3/6 (11:8). 4. Germany 3/6 (8:8). 5. Slovakia 3/3 (6:9). 6. France 3/3 (6-8). 7. Italy 3/0 (4:13). 8. Kazakhstan 3/0 (4:14).

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