NHL Playoffs: Fifteen goals and a hockey brawl

You always have to give the fans what they want, and Milan Lucic followed that golden rule of entertainment before the end of his crazy Calgary Flames playoff game against the Edmonton Oilers: He hit his opponent from behind with a stick multiple times against the calves, the generally recognized signal in the NHL Ice Hockey League To fight – and we set off.

Flames fans demanded to see either their team’s 10th goal – or a hand-to-hand fight; And because Flames striker Lucic probably wanted it too, the fans got: nine goals from their own team, six from the Oilers, and a brawl.

It was 9:6 at the end of the first match of the quarter-final, which is called the “Battle of Alberta”, because the two clubs of the Canadian state are so hostile that the rivalry between Schalke and Dortmund can be described as friendly and polite in comparison. In sports, pretty much every game is hailed as a unique experience that makes you wonder if some commentators have experienced a believable or tangible game. But this game really was: unbelievable, unbelievable.

Incredible NHL game between Edmonton and Calgary

The Flames were 2-0 after just 51 seconds, leading 5-1, 6-2; But then the Oilers showed why they were so frightened and already at 6:2 the fans demanded that they urgently wanted to see their team score ten goals: it wasn’t sarcasm or vanity, but pure fear of Oilers strikers Connor McDavid and Leon Aldracetel – and it was justified . McDavid met. McDavid and Draisaitl set a goal together. Draisaitl met. MacDavid and Drisitel closed together again. At the beginning of the last third it was suddenly 6:6, the question: What else will happen in this game?

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A reliable prediction was just as impossible as the analysis afterwards – except: two teams play with open visors and no cover because they don’t care how many goals they concede as long as they end up scoring more than the others. These two clubs consider defense optional and thus create a spectacle, while self-produced entertainment such as wrestling bats or a game of star basketball all seem boring.

The Oilers already provided incredible, unbelievable entertainment in the first playoff against the Los Angeles Kings, and coach Jay Woodcroft had to warn after two back-to-back wins: “It’s not 14-2 after those two games, it’s 2-0.” Now he will tell his players before the second game on Friday that the score is not 9:6, but only 0:1.

The Oilers hope the best of seven series will continue to heal Draisaitl’s bruised ankle and make more of a spectacle than it already is. If this streak continues, they should be happy in Canada because every citizen has health insurance – in Alberta there is a dire need for soothing drops.

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