November 28, 2023

The strangest players fall by the wayside in the second semi-final

The strangest players fall by the wayside in the second semi-final

DrThe evening began in black, red and yellow. good mark? it’s improbably. Moderators Alessandro Cattelan, Laura Puccini and Mica stood next to each other – wearing exactly these colors. Laura Pausini later also turned black, and Mika wore a pink suit. That’s it already. However, the second semi-final was also Malik Harris’ debut on the big stage of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Turin, where the German finalist was allowed to perform his song “Rockstars” on Thursday night as a sort of filler. .

It was the weird men’s semi-finals, on Tuesday it was the sad ladies’ semi-finals. And two of the strangest players were sent off, although the betting shops gave them a chance to advance shortly before that. But it was not made by Achille Lauro of San Marino, nor Michael Ben-David of Israel, nor Circus Mercos of Georgia. In the last single and their song “Lock Me In” Jules Verne Met The Beatles, Achille Lauro yanked the pink bull by his silver horns in vain and admitted to a stripper appearance in his song “Stripper” Michael Ben David flopped with his perfectly choreographed dance number “IM” appeal For not hiding out as the gay man his family wanted him to do for so long.

Australian Sheldon Riley also sings about his fate on “Not The Same”. And while he did better in training, he was one of the ten finalists on Thursday. Riley, 23, whose father is from the Philippines and mother of Scots-Irish descent, has Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Since setting up the stage takes longer than all the other participants, Mika had to buy her own time. Riley is standing captive on a staircase in a train costume that he finds difficult to pull because he weighs 40kg with sandbags. At the end of his performance, he drags the monster up the stairs to free himself from the shiny mask, which he didn’t want to do at first. From below came another strong and confident man. That was the idea at least, but he seemed somewhat horrified, for the first time in front of a very large audience.

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Complete series of prominent singers

And a little aberration has already made the evening look. The Rasmus, one of the country’s most successful bands, will represent Finland this year. Her slightly moody “In The Shadows” from 2003 was her biggest hit to date. Her contribution to ESC “Jezebel” is about a girl who confidently takes what she wants. It’s a tribute to every strong, modern, and liberated woman, says singer Lori Yellonen.