April 23, 2024

The Slovaks lose their temper against the Swiss

The Slovaks lose their temper against the Swiss

Switzerland celebrates an 8-1 victory in the Hockey World Cup. The Slovaks received two disciplinary parts at match time – one for spitting!

For Christian Busbecil, the World Cup match against Switzerland ended after this examination. SRF

The basics are in brief

  • Switzerland wins the Hockey World Cup in Slovakia 8: 1.
  • Many goals are remembered, head exams and spitting penalties.

Swiss National Hockey Team Concert At the World Cup in Riga! The team at Coach Patrick Fisher It shows a strong response to that 0: 7 bankruptcy against Sweden. Esgenussen thrashed Slovakia 8: 1 in the fourth group match.

The Slovaks, unbeaten before today’s match, draw on a pitch-black day. This applies to both their game – but also to some non-sporting activities.

A head examination puts Switzerland first

Christian Busbecil vigorously checked Andres Ampole’s head after seven minutes. The Swiss Then play five more minutes. Raphael Diaz Make it 1-0.

Game over for Busbecil – umpires send him to the bathroom for unauthorized physical assault. SRF– Studio expert Martin Plus commented: “You just don’t want scenes like this in hockey anymore. He has to realize that Ampole is in a situation where he can’t defend himself.”

Is the match-time penalty for a head check against a Slovak fair?

Although the verification itself was not unfair, it was not necessary. “Ampoule was lucky. At first I thought he had lost, “Blues continued.

Punish the Slovaks for spitting!

After 52 minutes, another Slovak must enter the locker room early. Mislan Rosendyck is punished by a stab knee. However, it is then announced that this is not the reason for his expulsion from the ice.

Mislan Rosandic spits on the glove of a Swiss man and has to take a bath. SRF

Rosendyck quarrel – over the Swiss glove of Jonas Signthaler! In the end, it will not matter to the Swiss.

distance Gla The next tough thing awaits Team Fisher on Saturday. At 3:15 pm, Switzerland will face Russia in the first match.

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