March 2, 2024

Sion storms Stockhorn Arena to win the first leg 4-1 - Thon needs a miracle on Sunday

Sion storms Stockhorn Arena to win the first leg 4-1 – Thon needs a miracle on Sunday

Thon – Sion 1: 4

In front of the highly-qualified FC Sioners, FC Thun clearly lost 4-1 in the first leg of the Barrages! The guest goals were scored by Huarao (2x), Tossetti and Oldrickes.


FC Sion scored a 4-1 victory in Parage in Thon thanks to goals from Huarao (2x), Tossetti and Oldrickes. The Bernese Oberland needs a football miracle in the second leg on Sunday.

For ten minutes, brave FC Thun played weak in The Go Barrage. Carlos Berenger’s side ran high in the eighth of the Premier League, putting them under pressure very early on and playing rudely forward. What followed was a short but fierce show of strength for Sion, which ended with two goals within two minutes and a preliminary decision for the first match after a quarter of an hour.

Sitten goalkeeper Kevin Fickcher was challenged for the first time on the Thun artificial turf 90 seconds later when Dominik Schwizer decided to take a direct shot instead of a cross pass from a free kick from the half-right. Vicentur let out a corner kick, but the pitch of the match on the artificial turf in Bern sounded steady: Thon wanted her fate to be her own. And Sion ran into the open knife.

Rarely has a guest from Valais been on the offensive in Thun. However, when Marco Walker’s team attacked, Joe did so. Sion I finished after 13 minutes, with a header from Guillaume Huarao, falling hard and being placed between the post and the hand of Thon goalkeeper Andreas Herzl: 1-0. Two minutes later, the outside player’s return to the Premier League was more remote because former Thon player Matteo Tossetti finished 2-0.

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After the break, the guest’s first convincing attack resulted in a hand-kick, which Hoarau (63rd) used to score his 14th goal against FC Thun. In the final stages, substitutes Robert Aldrich (84) and Denis Salanovic (89) scored the final result with late goals.

First class attack against modified defense

Carlos Berniger had to incorporate a new playing system into his team in the first leg of Barrage. With the defenders eliminated at the Bernese Oberland, Thon competed in the first leg of the season for the first time this season with a series of three men. Sion was happy with the change in his goals.

In the second leg in Sion, Thon just doesn’t have to come up with something in defense. Likewise, the second season of the previous Challenge League, who played at least on par with Sion, needs to perform more efficiently on Sunday if he does not want to finish the second consecutive volley as a loser. It is precisely in this regard that Thon received explanatory material on Thursday.


Thon – Sion 1: 4 (0: 2)

100 spectators. – SR Schärer. – rip: 13. Hoarau (Cafari) 0: 1. 15. Tossetti (Karlin) 0: 2. 63. Hoarau (two hands penalty) 0: 3. 86 – OLDREICIS (Thaler) 0: 4. 89. Salanovic (Ahmad) 1: 4.

Thon: Herzl. Rodrigues, Hafinar, Sutter; Goss (64. Salanovic), Ruth, Rodlin, Schweizer; Dos Santos, Gregory Carlin (8. Ahmed); Shehadeh (72. Kerimatung).

Sion: Venture. Cafari, Nadwi, Abdullah, Costa; Tosetti (75th Theler), Serey Die (72nd Zock), Araz (81st Grgic), Tupta; Gaëtan Karlen (81 Wakatsuki), Hoarau (72 Uldrikis).

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Notes: Thon without Castroman, I missed, Hasler, Hafti, Kaplan (all injured). Sion without Bamert, Dolder, Yabichino, Kabashi, Casa, Lacroix, Martic, and Wesley (all injured). 8. Gregory Carlin injured retired. Warnings: 34. Schwizer (error). 63 – Al-Shehadeh (complaint). 67 Rodrigues (Wrong).

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