September 29, 2023

The science of drying pistachios

Ms It is the ratio of original humidity to the humidity at a given point in time R; K And n are the parameters that must be determined empirically. In the work, the most complex formulas were examined, but also simpler ones – in the end, this was the best description of the special process of microwave drying of pistachios. Because pistachios lose moisture very quickly at first and then very little as the drying time progresses.

At first glance, this may appear to be somewhat specialized research. But if you are one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world, it certainly pays to know as much as possible about the production steps. This applies not only to pistachios: based on this work, I delved into the world of dried fruits. I have read professional articles with titles such as “Drying Kinetics and Rehydration Properties of Mushrooms in Microwave and Hot Air-Dried Mushrooms by Convection”, “Determination of Moisture Transfer Coefficients of Some Fruits under Open Sun Drying Conditions” or “Drying Parsley Leaves in a Solar Dryer and Under the Open Sun: Aspects Modeling, power and energy.”

Searching for the food of the future

If you think about it closely, it’s not surprising that people all over the world are developing mathematical models that describe the drying behavior of food. Dewatering is a proven method for preserving fruits, grains, meat, fish, and many other commodities. You’ll also lose weight as a result, making portability easier – and unlike other methods, taste is not affected as a result.

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