February 28, 2024

The release of the German-Russian fraudster Anna Sorokin

The release of the German-Russian fraudster Anna Sorokin

DrGerman-Russian fraudster Anna Sorokin, who was sentenced to years in prison, has been released in New York. New York state prison authorities confirmed that the 30-year-old was released on Thursday. Sorokin herself posted a photo on Instagram on Friday showing her in a bed with sunglasses. “You cannot imagine the fatigue of the prison,” she wrote.

The daughter of a Russian truck driver gave herself a new identity in the United States as a wealthy heir and deceived a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of others. The total amount of fraud was around $ 275,000.

Release from prison for good behavior

According to the attorney general, through clever lies and confident behavior, Sorokin was able to obtain tens of thousands of dollars in loans from various banks between November 2016 and August 2017, travel for free in private jets, and live for months in luxury hotels in Manhattan, New York City without bills to settle.

Sorokin also tried to create a mix of a nightclub and art gallery and borrowed $ 22 million for it – using fake documents. He wanted an influential builder to give it a building on Park Avenue.

The fraudster, who goes by the name Anna Delphi, was sentenced in May 2019 to between four and twelve years in prison. According to media reports, an appeals committee has now agreed to her release, subject to good behavior and the length of detention.