February 29, 2024

Valentina Bahdi: Sunny Richter GZSZ’s farewell is very sad

Valentina Bahdi played Sunny Richter on the show “GZSZ” for eight years. Photo: RTL/Bernd Jaurek

The final episode of “GZSZ” with Valentina Pahde will air on March 27. Farewell is very emotional for the actress and her co-stars.

Valentina Bahdi (28 years old) will bid farewell to her role in the series “Good Times, Bad Times” on March 27. The actress is taking a long break and will be leaving the “GZSZ” neighborhood for the United States as Sunny Richter. In the final scene she can be seen with Wolfgang Bahro (62), who says goodbye to Sunny as Grandpa Joe Gerner.

Her grandfather “GZSZ” Wolfgang Bahro is very sad

“I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera with Valentina,” says the actor. In an interview with RTL behind. His colleague is not only very professional, always prepared and well-adjusted, “but he also has a great sense of humor and relaxation, which makes the work very enjoyable and enjoyable.”

Filming the final scenes with Bahde was very sad, “because I will miss her so much. Not only as Joe Gerner, but also as Wolfgang Bahro.” The 62-year-old reveals that his farewell tears in front of the camera were followed by real tears once the scene ended.

Spoiler alert! This happens in her final episode

The actor also reveals what exactly the farewell scene will look like. “Sunny says goodbye to her grandfather Joe, takes a taxi to the airport, and from there travels to the United States to get a job with an architect,” explains Bahru. The RTL trailer for episode 7,734 from March 27 says: “Sunny’s farewell to Berlin is getting closer and closer. She meets her friends and family one last time before finally setting off for her new life… Emily leaves” She is close to saying goodbye to Sunny. Sasha does everything he can to get her to change her mind.

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Bahro wishes his colleague “all the best, luck and success.” He hopes she can use this time well to achieve new goals and “of course I hope most of all that Gerner will get his granddaughter back soon.” In October 2022 it was announced that Pahde would bid farewell to “GZSZ” for a longer period of time.

For eight years she was one of the most famous faces on RTL’s daily newspaper “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” (Monday to Friday at 7:40 p.m. on RTL or via RTL+). With “Sunny – Who Are You Really?” She even got her own show. Pahde also works as a designer, model, and influencer.