December 6, 2023

The rarest Shiny items ever are back – only 1% of trainers own them

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Pokémon GO leak sparks excitement among trainers. The rarest monster in the entire game could be back soon.

SAN FRANCISCO – It’s not often that events and rewards in Pokémon GO are announced in advance. Niantic usually manages to keep upcoming in-game surprises a secret. But now a leak has emerged providing information about the monsters that trainers can look forward to in the near future. Among them is a very special Pokemon that is considered the rarest Pokemon in the entire game. Only a few trainers have it, though you’re not officially allowed to catch Pokemon.

Name of the game Pokemon Go
Version (initial publication date) July 6, 2016
publisher Niantic
series Pokemon
Platforms Android, iOS
Developer Niantic
Type Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: Leak reveals the return of the rare monster

what is he talking about? A leak has now been shared on Reddit that aims to predict the October and November 2023 events in Pokémon GO. Particularly exciting: The leak shows that the rarest monster in the entire game may be returning. We’ve included the post for you here.

What is the rarest monster in Pokémon GO? This is the shiny Pikachu in the detective hat. At first glance, the monster doesn’t seem that rare, but this Pikachu really has it all. The rare beast can only be captured for a few minutes, and with just a quick shot. When this Pikachu hat was introduced in 2019, Niantic encountered a bug and the monster was available in shiny form.

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Pokémon GO: The rarest monster ever is returning soon according to the leak © Niantic / (montage)

However, Niantic quickly realized that Pikachu shouldn’t be catchable, and after a few minutes the flash was removed from the game. Previously, trainers who took a shot had about a 1 in 500 chance of landing a shiny Pikachu wearing a detective hat.

Last year, a poll was also conducted among Pokémon GO players about the rarest Pokémon. Here too it can be noted that less than 1% of players managed to catch the shiny Pikachu with the detective hat. We’ve embedded the tweet for you here.

Pokémon GO: The rarest monster ever is back – this is how the community reacts

This is what the community says: Overall, the community is happy with this leak. The corresponding post on Reddit has already received more than a thousand upvotes within a few hours. However, the leak is being questioned by some players.

  • Walkingoncoffee wrote: “These five players along with the brilliant Detective Pikachu will no longer be able to brag about it soon.”
  • Ezekiel Callistus comments: “It had been expected since the announcement of Detective Pikachu 2, and considering the second Mario movie, it was inconceivable that they wouldn’t make a Detective Pikachu 2.”
  • Not closely related adds: “I don’t know if this is true or not, but this seems to come from the same source that predicted some things for the Paldea event, but it was also actually wrong. […] we will see. Cool if that’s true!

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