June 20, 2024

Zen 6 should offer a much higher number of processor cores [Gerücht]

The first Ryzen 9000 series CPUs (“Granite Ridge”) built on the new Zen 5 microarchitecture (“Nirvana”) are expected at Computex 2024, and the first rumors of Ryzen “) round. Combined with 2.5D interconnect for significantly more bandwidth, Ryzen Desktop computer.

Zen 6 with up to 32 cores per CCD

Like leakers who are known for their usually accurate information @InstLatX64 And @Kepler_L2 As you would like to know, Zen 6 will offer up to 32 cores per CCD (“Core Complex Die”) in the future, making server processors with 256 processor cores and desktop CPUs with 32 CPU cores possible.

source: @InstLatX64

This architecture would also make it possible for processors with a 3D V-shaped cache to be located on all 16 to 32 processor cores. The Ryzen 9000X (“Granite Ridge-X”) is already said to have a potential Ryzen 9 9950X3D that could offer such an option. AMD could double down on fast caches in the next generation, specifically targeting gamers.

AMD Ryzen 9 9950X3D with dual 3D cache

As @Kepler_L2 knows, processors based on the Zen 6 architecture should be possible in three configurations with three different CCDs. Accordingly, it should be possible to have 8, 16 or 32 cores per CCD.

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