December 4, 2023

The new software update is already being distributed

Samsung has been making a lot of noise about beta testing Android 14 and One UI 6.0 for Galaxy smartphones for weeks. However, most owners are still waiting for the latest software. Xiaomi has been working in the background and providing its services surprisingly straightforward.

The first Xiaomi phone to receive Android 14

We recently reported that Xiaomi is looking for testers for the final build of Android 14. And just a few days later, the first owners received Xiaomi 13 Pro has presented the final update in Spain and Turkey. It appears that the rollout of the app in Europe has already begun in some regions SmartDroid I noticed. This is not a beta, but the final update for the global version of the smartphone.

There have been no reports of success from Germany yet. But this means nothing, because the rollout begins in waves. It is important that Xiaomi is now rolling out the final version of Android 14, so it won’t be long before the new version arrives at your doorstep. According to beta testing, they will Supports Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro and 12T models. But we also assume that the 13T models will also be updated soon. They have just been introduced.

This changes with Android 14:

This is new in Android 14

It remains in MIUI 14

Xiaomi distributes Android 14 to the above-mentioned smartphones, but it still uses the current MIUI 14 interface. MIUI 15 will reportedly be released only with Xiaomi 14 smartphones. Android 14 should be pre-installed there. Only then can new features be truly integrated.

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Meanwhile, the Chinese company is likely to be working in the background on MIOS, which will initially only be used in China. In Europe we will continue to keep MIUI as the interface. As soon as Android 14 is spotted for Xiaomi phones in Germany, we will let you know.

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