December 4, 2023

iOS 17: Nightly reboot annoys iPhone users

There’s a strange bug in iOS: A large number of readers have reported that their iPhones crash seemingly overnight and then restart. The process explains that the iPhone must first be unlocked by entering the code the next time it is used. In addition, it may sometimes be necessary to enter the SIM card’s personal identification number (PIN) to reconnect to the mobile network. Those affected reported that it appeared as if the iPhone had installed an operating system update overnight.


The error can also be seen in the iOS battery settings: there, the green charging curve of the last 24 hours shows “holes” that last for several hours and in which the battery status is not recorded. Some users therefore suspect that their iPhone has been turned off for several hours. Obviously, older and newer model series are affected, including the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro. In most of the cases described, iOS 17 was already installed on the affected devices, and in most cases the iPhones were connected to power overnight – from MagSafe to Qi to cable. There have been similar reports about iOS 16 in recent months, but only occasionally.

According to reports, the bug appears to have occurred particularly frequently at night from Monday to Tuesday, and this was also observed (later) on the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the Mac&i editorial team. My iPhone didn’t automatically wake up from sleep mode after I turned off the alarm, as it normally does. Individual users reported that the reboot occurred again on Wednesday night. There are similar reports from other time zonesThere, too, the error was mostly only observed after midnight until the early morning hours local time.

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Unwanted restarts are a problem for iPhone users who must be reachable by phone overnight, for example for calling services. If a SIM PIN has been set up, your iPhone will no longer be accessible via the phone after a reboot until the PIN is entered. A possible workaround in this case is to deactivate the SIM PIN in Settings > Cellular Network for the line/phone number used.


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