October 3, 2023

Mario Golf: Super Rush - Keyart

The main content update for Mario Golf: Super Rush brings new characters, courses and modes to the game – ntower

Nintendo has a new content update for Mario Golf: Super Rush

chest. jump on it Version 4.0.0. It has some ready-made innovations. so get with shy man And wobbler Two new players with whom you can make golf courses unsafe. There are also two new playable areas, namely heights of legends and the
All the stars are hills.

In addition to the characters and golf courses, two new game modes have found their way into the latest installment of the Mario Golf series. In the golf goal You have to land as many hits as possible in a limited area with a fixed number of tees. In the At once, at once
It is a modification of an existing game mode. The goal here is to get to the green with the first shot.

The update is now available for free to all game owners. In addition to major innovations in terms of content, small gameplay and stability improvements should also find their way into the game. For example, stamina consumption during races has been somewhat reduced.

Will Mario Golf: Super Rush’s new update get you back on the track?

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