April 23, 2024

The Last of Us: Naughty Dog confirms: multiplayer is long overdue

After the release of The Last of Us: Part II nearly three years ago, we’re still patiently awaiting the promised multiplayer branch – and that waiting time is clearly going to be a while.

Unfortunately, last week’s PlayStation Showcase continued to lack any trace of The Last of Us’ promised multiplayer showcase – and now Naughty Dog has commented on the matter. The rather sad news: the launch of the multiplayer spin-off will be a long time coming.

Everything was actually done at the show and planned and anticipated for the Naughty Dog title show, but in the end it turned out differently and there was no trace of the game. In a tweet, Naughty Dog has now commented on this and admitted: Although development work on the multiplayer branch continues under high pressure, it will take some time.

“As development continued, we realized that giving the game more time was in our best interest,” the studio said. Roughly put, this isn’t a put off, because there wasn’t an official history told for the multiplayer branch, but metaphorically speaking it was in a way. After all, a release was actually expected not too far away – apparently not at all.

At the same time you tweet it, the famous business magazine bloomberg He published an article about the presentation and said that the development team in charge was demoted after the evaluation. It says there: “Many developers have been pulled over for other projects.” How long we have to wait for the multiplayer branches is not clear.

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After all: In the tweet, Naughty Dog confirmed that a major new solo project is already in the works.

The Last of Us (HBO) – Official Trailer (English Subtitled)

The official trailer for HBO’s “The Last of Us” is now available with German subtitles.