December 2, 2023

Windows 10: Patchday update causes printer problems

Windows 10: Patchday update causes printer problems

Windows 10

In Windows 10, the monthly patch caused printer issues for many users. A new update should address the situation.

A faulty Windows 10 update causes printing problems. (Source: Elnur_/

windows 10 Was on my period Correction days in mid-July With updates. However, none of them can be installed at all or cause printer problems for some users.

as such windows latest You mentioned, the error is in update KB5015807. This breaks the connection to the printer. The patch creates a copy of your device and both files are counted as not being fully installed. So printing is no longer possible.

windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. You can download the program here.

Microsoft Already working on an update to fix the bug. Until then, you don’t have to do without printing. You can also solve the problem manually. Simply open “Settings” and select “Bluetooth & Devices”. There it finds an unnecessary copy of your printer and deletes it. Alternatively, you can also completely reinstall the printer.

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