The German 8th star from Lindenhorst will compete in the World Cup in Lucerne with renewed courage: the German rowing ship will once again face Great Britain and the Netherlands

The eighth German from the Dortmund Rowing Center in Lindenhorst am Kanal is competing with renewed courage at the World Cup in Lucerne from May 21 to 23: after a realistic result at the European Championship in Varese, the German pioneer wants to face the international championship for a second time bringing the competition on the water.

“We want to show that we are better off than Varese. I expect that we can make the race better,” said Uwe Bender, coach of the national team.

Athletes and coaches viewed the EM score as a reason to turn every stone and improve training in some areas. Above all, performance tuning is set at the last 500 meters. “We have done very well in the past few weeks and have taken a step forward as a team. I think we are better off. We’ll find out what’s worth in the race,” Bender said.

National coach Bandar: “adjust the crossbar”

In Lucerne Roxy, Germany’s eighth meets Great Britain and the Netherlands, while China canceled in a short time. The Asians missed their Olympic ticket in the qualifying regatta on Sunday, while the two European contenders were among Tokyo’s favorites.

“In Lucerne, there are exactly the right opponents to start with,” says Bender. Since Thursday, May 20, athletes have been preparing in Switzerland, and the first track race will take place on Friday, May 21.

Also on site is Maximilian Coorg and Marc Liskey, who want to complete the two-man race as their alternates.

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