March 3, 2024

Chess cheating?  19-year-old Hans Niemann defeats superstar Carlsen

Chess cheating? 19-year-old Hans Niemann defeats superstar Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen will not win the Sinquefield Cup this year. Photo:

Hans Niemann surprisingly defeated world chess No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in the Sincofield Cup in St. Louis. It is no coincidence that the young American is now accused of fraud.

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Moritz Meister

In the third round of the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis (USA), Magnus Carlsen, continuous world chess champion since 2013, lost to 19-year-old Hans Niemann. A defeat has consequences: Carlsen withdrew from the tournament for the first time in his career.

The retirement of the world’s best chess player has caused a stir in the chess world. Carlsen’s tweet announcing his withdrawal from the tournament included an interview sequence from football coach Jose Mourinho. In this, the Portuguese said the following: “I prefer not to speak. When I speak, I have big problems. And I don’t want to have any big problems.”

With this statement, Carlsen leaves plenty of room for guesswork. Many chess fans see Carlsen’s statement as an accusation of cheating on the Niemanns. Hikaru Nakamura, the great chess leader, also sees signs that Carlsen has been cheated on his game. One way to do this is to receive hints about which moves are the best options from a hidden chess computer that analyzes the opponent’s moves in real time.

Former professional chess player Anna Rudolph explains how she once faced allegations of YouTube / Anna Rudolph

What is particularly striking for Nakamura is that Neiman, according to his statement, prepared himself for certain Carlsen moves from the past. However, chess databases show that Carlsen never played these mentioned moves before. This does not necessarily confirm the suspicion of fraud against Niemann, but it does leave room for speculation.

Especially since Niemann is not a clean sheet when it comes to fraud. The young American admitted that he had previously cheated in online chess tournaments. I am open to random games deceived. I have experienced it. I stood. This was the biggest mistake of my life.”

However, opinions in the chess world are still divided as to whether Niemann reverted to old patterns or whether he played a good game. The Danish-American sometimes faces harsh criticism on social media. However, most chess experts who have watched and analyzed the game agree that Niemann simply played a good game.

It should now be crucial when Magnus Carlsen speaks next. Because without the tweet and the Norwegian’s withdrawal from the tournament, he probably wouldn’t have had all the hustle and bustle around the game, and he’d probably be the only one who could finish it. Clarify exactly what he wants to say with his statement.