June 16, 2024

MMA: "KSW74" Saturday: Sign up here and watch the title scene!  - Sport Mix

MMA: “KSW74” Saturday: Sign up here and watch the title scene! – Sport Mix

Don’t grow up and don’t get awesome…

Saturday’s ‘KSW74’ in Europe’s biggest MMA league is all about the heavyweight title! Champion Phil de Vries must face Ricardo Brasil. BILD is broadcasting the event exclusively from 10pm.

++ The stream is played on Saturday at the top of the article. If you already have a BILDplus subscription, all you have to do is sign up easily. ++

Brasil? It even rings for football fans. The Brazilian of German descent was once a goalkeeper at Chelsea Football Club, where Michael Ballack, among others, learned to fear. After two wins at KSW he can now fight for the title.

For the heavyweight fighting with Germany’s hair, he’s up against British champion Phil de Fries! Unbeaten in seven KSW fights, including six title defenses! Record in the biggest MMA league in Europe.

Also on the card: The long-awaited battle of Anita Pekos! Polish star Sofia Bagashvili was scheduled to face Georgia again in May, but the fight did not materialize in no time. But now it should really spin!

The main battle of this event is expected to be at 1:00 AM German time. Don’t miss the scene!

You can watch these fights with BILDplus:

average weight: Boris Dzikowski (1 win – 0 loss / Georgia) vs. Arcadius Mork (professional debut / Georgia)

featherweight: Eduard Demenko (3-2 / Ukraine) – Wojciech Kaczykko (2-0 / Poland).

Straw weight, for women: Sofia Bagcivili (6-1 / Georgia) – Anita Pekos (6-2 / Poland)

average weight: Kasper Kozyorzybski (8-4 / Poland) – Emil Weber-Mick (9-6 / Norway).

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bantam weight: Paul Politlu (7-3/Poland) vs Verlison Martins (16-5/Brazil).

average weight: Kazary Kisek (13-2 / Poland) – Tomasz Romanowski (16-8 / Poland).

heavy weight: Darko Stosic (16-5 / Serbia) – Michal Keita (21-14-1 draw / Poland).

average weight: Tom Breeze (14-3 / Great Britain) – Damien Janikowski (7-4 / Poland).

Heavyweight title fight: Ville de Fries (21-6 / Great Britain – champion) vs. Ricardo Brasil (13-3/Brazil).