May 21, 2024

The blue team against Germany before the first super mission - the national teams

The blue team against Germany before the first super mission – the national teams

Italy will start with Germany. © FISG

For the deeply fatal blue team, the World Ice Hockey Championship begins in Latvia on Friday with a match against Germany. Roles are clearly assigned.

The Germans are fighting the World Cup with big ambitions. It should be at least the quarter-finals, even the World Cup Gold does not exclude players. “We all have huge goals for ourselves,” defender Moritz Sider said. The role model is the Finns, who surprisingly became world champions in Slovakia in 2019. For the Germans, the quarter-finals against the Czech Republic ended two years ago. A year ago there was an exciting Olympic silver in Pyeongchang.

German star Leon Dresitel will not be present at the World Cup in Riga. He is busy with the NHL Qualifiers, as is his Edmonton teammate Dominik Kahun and world goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer. NHL’s exceptional talent Tim Stützle is also unavailable. Although some experienced DEL players have also canceled and there are ten World Cup debuts, Finnish coach Tony Söderholm is convinced of the combination in his team. The main player is Moritz Sider, who is considered the best future NHL defender. Twice Stanley Cup winner Tom Konakle and Tobias Ridder, who is the only regular NHL player on the team, is also wanted.

Italy as an obvious outsider

The Azzurri goes into the match against the neighbor as an obvious underdog – also because some of the key players won’t be there. Giorgio de Bettin, who will represent the national team coach Greg Ireland at the start of the World Cup, did not want to mourn at the last press conference: “The World Cup has always been a challenge for Italy. Of course, it looks like it will be bigger this year. But I think that despite all the difficulties. , The players are ready. “

As is known, there is no relegation in this World Cup because World B Cup has been canceled and no country has been promoted. Therefore, the young Italian team can also gain valuable experience in terms of hosting the Olympic Games on its home soil in 2026.

“Germany has an interesting squad – even if there aren’t some great players around.”
Giorgio de Petén

Commenting on the incoming opponent, de Bitten said: “Germany has an interesting squad – even if some of the top players aren’t among them. They are very aggressive and I expect they will put pressure on them a lot. Their strengths are fitness and speed.” Legend Cortina has yet to announce who will be guarding. Italian goal against Germany.

“We want to do well as a team.”
Daniel Frank

Among other things, Daniel Frank was asked about his new role as a leader in PK: “It is of course a great honor for me and something special. I had the opportunity to play with great leaders like Alexander Egger or Anton Bernard and tried to learn a lot. I want to go forward for the young players – especially my mentality. We want to do well as a team. “

The blue team wants to look forward

Regarding the Azzuri’s cold start in the World Cup, Mirano said: “Of course we miss the test matches against Austria and Switzerland. Even if the last few weeks are not easy mentally, we still have to play the game against the Germans with a positive attitude.”

By the way, this is the nineteenth World Cup match between Italy and Germany. So far, the Azzurri has had 5 wins, 3 draws and 10 defeats. The last success dates back to 2001, when the Blue Team won 3-1 in Hanover. The last meeting was in the 2017 World Cup. At that time, Germany, led by star Dricitel, won 4-1. The match starts on Friday at 3:15 pm. News Sports Keeps you updated with a live index.

Ice Hockey World Championships in Latvia: The Friday Games

Germany – Italy (3:15 pm)
Russia – Czech Republic
Canada – Latvia (7.15 pm)
Belarus – Slovakia (7.15 pm)

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