June 21, 2024

The ethics committee alleges that John Bergo was bullied

The ethics committee alleges that John Bergo was bullied

AAt the height of the Brexit drama, John Berkov was so popular that even foreigners called his play “Order! Order! ” That screams as a ringtone on their cell phones. The then Speaker of the House was considered one of the bright lights of the anti-Brexit movement – but now his dark side has become brighter. After nearly two years of interrogation and interviews with dozens of witnesses, an ethics panel and appeals panel concluded that Perkov not only repeatedly harassed his staff, but also acted with false accusations and lies. He should never approach the British Parliament again.

First, a commission under the jurisdiction of Katherine Stone, the official who investigated the Locking Party allegations against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, confirmed a number of allegations against the former parliamentary speaker. According to the report, Berkov continued to intimidate, humiliate and intimidate his employees. He insulted them with monkey, inappropriate words and exposed them to his subordinates. In one of his rages, he threw a cellphone on a desk and it shattered to pieces. A panel of experts, led by a judge, later appealed to Pergo, who has now confirmed the results of the trial and described him as a “serial liar”.

Berkov, who defected to the Labor Party after leaving the House of Commons, is expelled from the party and sees himself as a victim of an “organization.” He says the results of the trials did not stand up in any court. “Calling this kangaroo food hurts kangaroos a lot,” he said. However, his allegations went unnoticed even among former fans. Plaintiffs, both top parliamentary officials and investigators will be respected and there is no doubt that they were involved in “political revenge” (Berkov). One of the witnesses, Lt. Gen. David Leakey, called this week for the 59-year-old Berco not to be given a public post again. In his eleven years in office, he did everything he could to prevent allegations of bullying from being clarified in parliament. In addition, Pergo has never dropped a “word of regret” on anyone. For many years, Leakey was the “Black Rod” and the Queen’s representative in Parliament.

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After leaving the House of Commons at the end of 2019, Bergow was in the running for the post of Labor candidate for London’s post-Sadiq Khan mayor, before the party split with its newcomer, according to the first trial results. Bergow is currently the Vice Chancellor of the University of Essex and Professor of Political Science at the Royal Holloway University of London. Bergow was the first speaker of the House after a long absence from receiving a seat in the House of Lords. Commentators recalled that Pergo’s dismissal was not only his conduct, but also the partisan leadership of the office that promised neutrality.

Plays in the House of Commons: John Bergowin

Plays in the House of Commons: John Bergo’s “Order!” The shout became world famous.

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