June 17, 2024

tesla beta button fsd kanada

Tesla tested with FSD before expansion -> teslamag.de

About 16 months after its launch in the United States, Tesla has now begun beta testing on a new automation software called FSD in neighboring Canada – at least almost: this week, customers there were able to download a newer version of the software. They can be used on car screens and can be ordered to add to the beta test. It starts by evaluating their driving style according to the safety score previously introduced by Tesla in the US. In a week, owners in Canada with the best ratings will be able to launch solid test operations with beta software.

Security score in Tesla application for Canada

Arrival of Tesla Software 2022.4.5.4 Announced for example Saturday by Twitter user @stevenelliott. He once added “FSDBetaCanada” to his real profile name. The new version will have a “Request full self-driving beta” button on the Canadian vehicle menu, which will allow other U.S. owners to enter the FSD test from September 2021 – the long-awaited “beta button”. .

Anyone who uses this will initially be included in only one plan, in which Tesla evaluates their driving safety according to five criteria. There are up to 100 points for this. In the United States, after the first new beta testers reached the FSD software more than seven days later, others scored up to 98 points. So it took almost a week for the first Canadians to drive with FSD software. It already showed one of its 100 safety scores for this Saturday, but the simple graphic in the Tesla app is easy to falsify, showing a variety of jokes after the US release.

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Internal FSD testing has already begun

Like the beta button for the US, the start of the test in Canada took longer than Tesla boss Elon Musk had initially promised. Entering the neighborhood should happen “very soon” by the end of 2020, and the introduction of the FSD will begin in January with a “two to four weeks” warning after a good year. In early February, the Tesla boss promised this month that it is now almost restored with the beta button. In theory, if Tesla collects security score data there for more than a week, the Canadian release could be further delayed. But with internal vehicles, FSD testing in the neighborhood has already begun, most recently in connection with a software withdrawal Knew.