June 19, 2024

Swype is now completely digital thanks to an eSIM

Swype is now completely digital thanks to an eSIM

  • Fully digital: swype, the first app-based mobile offering in Switzerland, is now completely digital thanks to an eSIM.
  • Completely innovative: swype is the first Swiss provider to launch a digital eSIM that is downloaded and installed directly to a smartphone – no QR code or other cumbersome operations required.
  • Fully flexible: swype offers a fixed nationwide rate for calls and surfing and costs 1.50 CHF per day or 25 CHF per month – the first month is free, and the monthly tariff can be canceled at any time.

(Opfikon) (PPS) “Innovation continues at Swype. We have improved the simple digital mobile offering and expanded to include eSIM functionality. For our customers, this means 100% digital setup – no paperwork, post-delivery, or contact with customer service.”Says Christoph Richartz, president of YOL Sunrise UPC.

The eSIM functionality is now available to customers for free without scanning a QR code or other operations. This makes it easy to set up swype, which only works on mobile phone or tablet via swype app (Apple Store / Google Play Store). A few minutes are enough to place an order and make the first call using a swype: download the app, request a free eSIM directly to the device, confirm your identity digitally in the app, choose the tariff you want (daily or monthly tariff) and click Pay TWINT or credit card. The eSIM installation is also secure, as the customers do not send any data, for example via email. Another eSIM feature: customers can now also swype with devices without a SIM card slot, such as smart watches or tablets.

In addition to the fully digital user experience, swype offers a flat nationwide rate for calls and browsing. The tariff structure is simple and transparent: customers choose in advance whether they want to use the mobile on a daily basis or for an entire month. You can also pay up front: the bid costs 1.50 CHF per day or 25 CHF per month – the first month is free. Having Swype in the app suffices to cancel the subscription at any time.

If you wish to use the mobile at home or abroad, you can book the additional option “International” for 3 CHF. This includes international calls from Switzerland to 25 countries as well as unlimited roaming with internet browsing and phone calls in 25 countries

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