May 18, 2024

Ice Hockey World Cup: Canada wrestle with the mighty Kazakhs - winter sports - ice hockey

Ice Hockey World Cup: Canada wrestle with the mighty Kazakhs – winter sports – ice hockey

After a historically poor start, the Canadian hockey team fought on ice for their second successive World Cup victory in Riga and kept their chance for the quarter-finals. The Canadians overcame surprising strong climber Kazakhstan on Friday 4: 2 (1: 0.1: 1.2: 1).

The Canadian team, equipped with many young NHL players, advanced 2-0, but had to accept the equalizer early in the final third (42). The winning goal was scored by 19-year-old Cole Perfetti, second-tier AHL (48th) striker. Conor Brown of the NHL Ottawa Senators hit the empty goal three seconds before the end. With three defeats, Canada started the World Cup as weak as ever and is still only in sixth place before the remaining two games.

In the evening’s Group Two match, Norway defeated its host Latvia 4: 3 after a penalty shootout.

In the first set, Sweden defeated Great Britain 4: 1 (1: 1.2: 0.1: 0) after falling behind and posting their second victory.

Sweden fell against Great Britain, but were well-deserved three points. However, the “three-title team” is currently not in the promotion ranks as Denmark goalkeeper Kak Sebastian defeated Belarus 5-2 and advanced to fourth place. The Danes reached the final third, 2-1, but scored four goals between the 45th and 53rd minutes. The match was led by Austrians Christoph Sternat (main referee) and Elias Sewald (assistant referee).

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