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Which country has the most Champions League winners?  |  Champions League

Which country has the most Champions League winners? | Champions League

With Christian Pulisic, the first American can now call himself the Champions League title. This increases the number of countries with a first-class winner to 52.

Since the first final in 1956, a total of 580 players have won First Division, many of them multiple times. Spain have 75 players after Cesar Azpilicueta’s victory with Chelsea. Record!


• Greece has the most finalists with twelve players, and no single player has been able to raise the pot. Panathinaikos made eleven of them in the 1971 final, in 2004 Akis Zicos was on the losing side with Monaco.

Turkey (11th in the current UEFA Rankings) is the highest-ranked country that has never won the UEFA Champions League or Cup. All three Turkish finalists – Yildrai Bachtürk (Leverkusen, 2002), Hemet Altintop (Bavaria, 2010) and Nuri Sahin (Dortmund, 2013) left the stadium losing ground.

• The lowest ranked country to qualify for the Champions League final and the winner is San Marino (55th). Massimo Bonini won with Juventus in 1985.

Number of players (by nationality) who have won the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Champions Club Cup

In 1974 Bayern Munich became the first German team to win the First Division© Getty Images

72: Italy
65: England
63: Germany
51: Holland
40: Portugal
38: Brazil
31: France
12: Romania
9: Serbia
9: Croatia
8Republic of Ireland
8: Denmark
7: Sweden
4: Czech Republic
4: Poland
4: Wells
3: Ivory Coast
3North Macedonia
2: Australia
2: Belgium
2: Bosnia and Herzegovina
2: Financial
2: the black Mountain
2: northern Ireland

Algerian pioneers Rabah Majer

Algerian pioneers Rabah Majer© Bob Thomas / Getty Images

1Algeria (Rabah Majer, Porto 1987)
1Bulgaria (Hreso Stoichkov & Barcelona 1992)
1Canada (Alfonso Davies, Bavaria 2020)
1Costa Rica (Keylor Navas, Real Madrid 2016, 2017 and 2018).
1: Ägypten (Mohamed Salah, Liverpool 2019)
1: Georgian (Caja Caladze, Milan 2003 & 2007)
1: Angarn (Ferenc Puskas, Real Madrid 1959, 1960 and 1966)
1Mexico (Rafael Marquez, Barcelona 2006)
1Peru (Victor Benítez Milan 1963)
1South Africa (Benny McCarthy, Porto 2004)
1Russia (Dmitry Alintshev, Porto 2004)
1: San Marino (Massimo Bonini & Juventus 1985)
1Switzerland (Stephane Chapuisat, Dortmund 1997)
1: Trinidad and Tobago (Dwight Yorke Manchester United 1999)
1Ukraine (Andriy Shevchenko, Milan 2003)
1: Zimbabwe (Bruce Grobelaar & Liverpool 1984).
1: United States (Christian Pulisic, Chelsea 2021)

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