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Switzerland at the Ice Hockey World Championships: Success is normal

Switzerland at the Ice Hockey World Championships: Success is normal

Veteran Ambul and goalkeeper Beira celebrate their victory over Germany.Photo: cornerstone

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Switzerland won the World Cup group stage for the second time since 2013 thanks to a 4-3 penalty shootout win over Germany. The medal is the stated goal. It would be even more valuable than a silver medal at the World Cup in 2013 and 2018. The United States is the perfect opponent in the quarter-finals.

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Klaus Zag, Helsinki

Leap years of fame? A medal pretty much every four years? In 2013 and 2018, the Swiss national team reached the final of the World Cup. Is the next medal due in Finland this week?

A look back at two silver medals from 2013 and 2018 reveals us. The 2022 World Cup is very different from these two tournaments and reveals new and hopeful qualities for Switzerland. They are better than 2013 and 2018. This does not mean that they will automatically be more successful.

2013 was a stormy year, after nine straight victories, only stopped by Sweden in the final (1:5). 2013 will never be repeated this way: This increase to his first World Cup medal since 1953 with national coach Sean Simpson is a miracle. In 2012, that wasn’t even enough for the quarter-finals.

The best attacking team in the World Cup

In 2018, the Swiss reached the quarter-finals. A point loss at the start against Austria (3:2 thereafter). Winning the final group match against France is essential to the quarter-finals. After five matches, Roman Jozy joins the team. Only then follow the best matches in the quarter-finals (3: 2 Finland), in the semi-finals (3: 2 Canada) – and the final is lost against Sweden only after a penalty shootout.

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As in 2013, success came unexpectedly in 2018: after the failure of the Olympic championship in February, Patrick Fisher was almost fired.

In Helsinki, the Swiss national team won the group stage for the second time since 2013 and for the first time considered the best attacking team at this stage of the tournament. Denis Malgin could become the best scorer in the World Cup.

Malgin could also celebrate a goal against Germany.

Malgin could also celebrate a goal against Germany.Photo: cornerstone

Cold-blooded and well-trained

Unlike in 2013, the group’s victory is not a huge sensation. This is the difference from 2013, but also for 2018: the officially announced goal is a semi-final and a medal. The Swiss have never traveled to the World Cup with the self-confidence they did in 2022.

What is amazing in Helsinki is how natural the success is, and the way the Swiss deal with the high expectations they have set themselves. How can national coach Patrick Fischer get the match back on track for the third time in a row after a runaway first third against Canada, then after a failed first 20 minutes with trailing France (0:2) and Germany (1):2). The splendor with which they achieved the equalizer they needed to win their group against Germany after 60 minutes and then decided the match on penalties.

Unprecedented stability at a high level

The revenge for the defeat by penalty kicks in the quarter-finals of the last World Cup was successful. Where: This match wasn’t as important as last year’s quarter-final. It was just about winning the group.

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It is clear that the Swiss have learned to live with being the candidates. It is an unprecedented high level stability with the ability to interact during the match.

The 2022 World Cup squad is more balanced than the Silver Teams in 2013 and 2018. That is why even without Romain Jose and Nino Needretter (in 2013 and 2018), without Kevin Viala, Gregory Hoffman, Sven Andregueto and Gaitan Haas (2018) and after Simon retired Moser (2013 and 2018 on the team) The Swiss were the best attacking team in group matches at the World Cup.

A medal more valuable than it was in 2013 and 2018

With Dennis Malgin, Nico Hescher, Timo Mayer and Pius Sutter, we’ve found four Swiss in the top ten World Cup scorers list for the first time ever. Nico Hescher said of this amazing development that it shows that a lot of things are done right in Swiss ice hockey training.

If the third medal is successful in 2022 after 2013 and 2018, it will be the first medal to be officially announced and the first World Cup where the Swiss live up to high expectations with the nature of the majors. A medal will be more valuable than it was in 2013 and 2018.

Switzerland in the World Cup with the current situation

Ranking after the group stage:

2012: sixth place.

2013: 1st place (20 points / 29: 10 goals). Quarter-finals Czech Republic 2: 1. USA semi-finals 3: 0. Sweden final 1: 5.

2014: Fifth place.

2015: 4th place. Quarter-finals USA 1:3.

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2016: 6th place.

2017: 2nd place, quarter-finals Sweden 1:3.

2018: 4th place. Finland Quarter-final 3: 2. Canada Semi-final 3: 2. Sweden Final 2: 3 nP

2019: 4th place. Quarter-finals Canada 2: 3 next

2020: World Cup canceled

2021: Quarter-final runner-up Germany 2: 3 nP

2022: 1st place (20 points / 34:15 goals). Quarter-finals USA.

The best pictures of the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland


The best pictures of the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland

Source: Keystone / Peter Schneider

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