December 4, 2023

Super Mario has a new voice – you can actually hear it here

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After Nintendo confirmed that Charles Martinet will not be the voice of Super Mario, the name of the successor is now known.

Kyoto, Japan – Super Mario is known around the world. The new voice actor has big shoes to fill. Nintendo has kept the sequel a big secret since announcing the departure of previous voice Charles Martinet. After many theories and speculations, we now know who the new voice of Super Mario is and know what shows and games he has appeared in so far. You can actually hear the voice actor here.

Video game Super Mario Bros Wonder
Date of initial publication October 20, 2023
Developer Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development
platform Nintendo Switch
Type Jump and run
editor Nintendo

Super Mario has a new voice – this guy replaces Charles Martinet

New voice for Super Mario: Kevin Afghani is the name of the voice actor who will voice Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. New Wonder. Al-Afghani said on Twitter:Incredibly proud“It was meant to slip into the plumber’s shoes that Martinet had been wearing for nearly 30 years. Nintendo confirmed Detective game In an email that Kevin Afghani was the new voice.

You can hear it here now: All the projects that Al-Afghani has worked on so far are listed on IMDb. In addition to smaller roles in web series and spin-offs for Dragon Ball and Cuphead, the Los Angeles-based voice actor also lends his voice to Genshin Impact’s Arnold. You can get the best picture of Mario and Luigi’s new voices in the trailer for Super Mario Bros. Wonder included here.

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First appearance in October: Kevin Afghani will make his first appearance as Super Mario on October 20, when Super Mario Bros. debuts. New Wonder on Nintendo Switch. Data miners had previously broken down a demo of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and suspected Mario of a different voice. The leak also revealed that Daisy will likely get a new voice as Deanna Mustard. Obviously, Samantha Kelly will continue to voice Peach, Toad, and Toadette.

Super Mario has a new voice – you can hear it here now © Nintendo

Nintendo has not yet confirmed that Kevin Afghan will continue to voice Mario and/or Luigi in future games. So it remains to be seen if the voice actor will truly follow in Charles Martinet’s footsteps.

New voice for Super Mario – Skeptical fans are causing trouble

Fans complain: Although you can hear in the trailer how close Kevin Afghan is to Charles Martinet’s original, some fans are angry that the voice actor has worked on so few projects. “Is this really the best thing Nintendo could do?asks one skeptical fan, sharing the Afghan’s IMDb page with a skull emoji. Other lost souls are complaining that Mario is now “woke” because Kevin Afghan changes his pronouns on Twitter.

But a number of fans stand against the skeptics. You can’t believe howIncredible that must feel“As a relatively new voice actor to embody the voice of the most iconic video game character of all time. They blame critical Mario fans for the fact that Charles Martinet barely made any appearances before he took on the role for nearly 30 years and now serves as Nintendo’s Mario ambassador.

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