July 15, 2024

Struggle for government alliances – after the last round, positions will be united – news

Struggle for government alliances – after the last round, positions will be united – news

  • On Thursday evening, leading candidates from the parties represented in the Bundestag held a final, and at times controversial, debate ahead of the elections.
  • According to the ZDF Politbarometer, the CDU and CSU managed to increase one percentage point to 23 percent. SPD remains at 25.
  • In the wake of the debate, it is now possible to form government coalitions.

“I am doing everything to form a bourgeois government,” the candidate of the CDU/CSU advisor, Armin Laschet, said Friday in the joint ARD-ZDF morning magazine. Together with CSU leader Marcus Söder, he again warned against the Left Alliance. This would cause “serious damage” to the country, Sodder said. Laschet stressed that “we must be as strong as the union so that this alliance is not possible.” Laschet also admitted his mistakes: “There were mistakes in this election campaign.”

Scholz’s primary goal: minimum wage

According to Green Party leader Robert Habeck, negotiations on the Jamaica coalition consisting of the Union, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party should be different this time. Four years ago, this was “single throttle,” says ZDF’s Habek. At the time, the FDP didn’t really want the union to be at odds, and the CSU of Munich kept the crosshairs. “It can never go this way again.” When asked about the Green Party’s losses in the polls in recent months, Habeck said: “We’re not there, you just have to admit that, that’s where we wanted to be.”

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Schulz has reiterated that he wants to make a higher minimum wage a core project of the federal government. “This should be decided in the first year,” Schulz said on ZDF. It is also about ensuring a stable level of reasonable pensions and rents.

Hope for the Jamaica Alliance

FDP leader Christian Lindner also spoke in the Morning Post. He hopes for a Jamaica alliance between the Union, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party after Sunday’s general election. His party’s goal is to narrow the gap between the Green Party as much as possible. The formation of the coalition after the elections will be particularly exciting this time. It’s not a concert request,” Lindner said. It is possible that the FDP will be able to implement parts of its program.

According to top candidate Alice Fidel, the AfD is in a strong position with values ​​ranging from ten to eleven percent in the polls. Weddell said in the joint morning magazine ARD and ZDF that Sunday’s general election cannot be compared to previous elections, because there will also be a very high percentage of mail-in voters. In the last state elections, the AfD was the only larger party that could not take advantage of postal votes.

The left is ready for a government with the SPD and the Green Party, provided that a change of policy in Germany is possible. “Above all, we want changes,” lead candidate Janine Whistler said Friday morning. The left wants, among other things, to impose a higher minimum wage and safeguards against a sharp rise in rents.

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Two days before the federal election, parties are campaigning to vote again today at rallies. Candidates for the position of chancellor will appear at various gatherings.