May 19, 2024

Spotify: Personalized AI playlists launch in UK

Spotify is already experimenting with artificial intelligence overseas. For example, in the US they offer what they call “AI DJ”. It rates playlists with an artificial voice. Now they are pursuing the next AI operation in both Australia and the United Kingdom. This is how you introduce customizable “AI playlists”. The Swedish music streaming provider is initially announcing the feature as a beta.

To use AI playlists, interested parties must subscribe to Spotify Premium. The feature will later be available in the UK and Australia via Android and Apple iOS mobile apps. To create an AI-generated playlist, all you have to do is enter a line in the appropriate section of the library. Users can listen to a playlist of relaxing music for the work day. It apparently takes a few seconds and the artificial intelligence creates the most suitable mix possible and takes into account your musical taste.

Spotify's AI can further customize playlists. | Image: Spotify

According to the Swedish music streaming provider, you get more flexibility even after the initial build. After generation, the playlist can be further refined with additional instructions. You get better results when you combine different features – e.g. B. A genre of music with specific locations. Spotify plans to improve the feature during beta.

Spotify continues to expand its AI commitment

Incidentally, the company is not only using artificial intelligence for the already mentioned AI DJ and new AI playlists, but for example. B. For automatic transcripts and translations of podcasts. In AI playlists, just like manually created playlists, you can remove songs and add new ones yourself. To refine compounds, you can e.g. B. Use new stimuli. For example, you may still listen to rock music or change mood – perhaps from happy to depressed.

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AI-generated playlists automatically end up in your library, so they're permanently available to you on Spotify. It will be interesting to see when the music streaming provider removes this functionality from beta or makes it more available. Certainly enough users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are interested in testing this feature. You can see how we currently rate Spotify compared to the competition using our top list: