April 22, 2024

IVE IndiGo: the fuel cell carrier of the year 2024

IVE IndiGo: the fuel cell carrier of the year 2024

IndiGo, Inc. is developing the IndiGo, a fuel cell-powered pickup truck.

In addition to battery electric drives, fuel cell technology will likely also become an alternative to driving commercial vehicles. Fleet operators’ advantages lie in a clearly defined driving profile often for first and last mile haulage and delivery. With a hydrogen filling station in your warehouse or along the road, currently insufficient public infrastructure is not a problem.

Stellantis Group is currently putting its first fuel cell trucks on the road in collaboration with customers for field tests, while rival Renault has a master converted with hydrogen tanks.

British company Innervated Engineering (IVE) is also developing a minivan with a fuel cell electric motor. The IndiGo must be able to travel between 660 and 900 kilometers on one full tank, depending on the load, before using 13.5 kg of hydrogen (in three 4.5 kg tanks). The planned payload is 1.5 tons. The IVE can then comply with the allowable gross weight of 3.5 tons. In Great Britain, where you can drive electric cars with a driver’s license for a car weighing up to 4.25 tons, IndiGo must withstand up to 2 tons.

In production as of 2024


The planned payload of the IndiGo is 1.5 tons.

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In addition to driving, the Engineer’s specification also includes sustainable vehicle design. It starts with production designed for the lowest possible energy consumption at Mira Technology Park, east of Birmingham, UK. CKD assemblies (completely discontinued) are also possible in sales markets.

The body structure that disposes of the metal should provide for large sheet metal pistons. IVE sets the lifespan of the IndiGo when delivered to be 15 years, which should exceed many current diesel trucks. The alternative purchase that is prevented in this way also has a positive impact on the environment. It will take some time before IndiGo hits the streets. According to the company, the first customers will be able to pre-order their car from the end of 2023, and production is scheduled to start in 2024.


The IndiGo, developed by IVE, is an all-electric transmission with a fuel cell. It will be built in Great Britain from 2024.