Divorce via WhatsApp: the court does not recognize the separation


Divorce request via WhatsApp? This appears to be possible in Canada, but a German court has now declared the separation of the German and Canadian spouses null and void.

You can send the documents via WhatsApp, but the divorce documents must be sent to your ex-partner in another way. (Source: Netzwelt)

  • A Canadian wants to divorce his German wife via WhatsApp.
  • The Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main declared the divorce null and void.
  • Documents cannot be delivered by messenger.

The Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt am Main declared the divorce invalid. The court said the divorce application could not be submitted via WhatsApp.

The case in question involved a German-Canadian couple who married and lived in Canada. After the separation, the woman returned to Germany. Her ex-husband filed for divorce in Canada and then sent the divorce application to her via WhatsApp.

Canadian court agrees to extradite WhatsApp

While the Canadian court approved this channel of communication, German judges saw the matter differently. According to the court, the decision is not subject to appeal, so the man now has to file for divorce again.

Not only was WhatsApp already involved in marital discord, Google Street View caused a divorce in Peru in September 2020.

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